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About Arlyss

Even when faced with a bundle of mental health hurdles, such as performance anxiety, depression and PTSD, Arlyss refuses to abandon the dream she once thought was beyond her reach:  to sing and create music that truly resonates. 


With a decade worth of professional treatment and training behind her, Arlyss continues to face her fears head-on and push through her self-doubt,  letting her passion and determination light the way. 


Arlyss' down-to-earth charm comes from growing up in the small town of Nakusp, BC with only about 1,500 residents.  After a less than positive first experience living in the big city of Vancouver, she soon-after fell for the western vibe and musical styles of Calgary, where she's called home ever since. 


Striving to deliver powerful vocal performances evocative of both pain and triumph, Arlyss draws vocal and lyrical inspirations from icons like Patsy Cline, Leanne Rimes, Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert and Sara Bareilles. 


Completion of intensive 6-week "Write, Record Release" program (Rockit Vocal Studios) in 2022 resulted in Arlyss’ first solo-written release "Crazy from A to Z” while receiving a crash course in the music industry.  An inspiring anthem for those struggling with mental illness, the song’s vulnerability-infused lyrics were aimed to empower people to own their "crazy" in today's confusing world of multi-diagnosis, webMD self-diagnosis, and stigma. 


Now, armed with bravery and the support she deserves, Arlyss is finally ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, with a focus on live performances and exciting new music projects on the horizon in 2024.

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