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meet Arlyss


not many artists can say their first singing teacher was a parrot, but if one thing rings true, it's that Arlyss' journey has been unconventional.  after decades of living with mental illness and living each day in survival mode, Arlyss sought professional help, and began an immersive journey to free her voice.


as a result of her colourful experiences Arlyss wears her heart and her brain on her sleeves, which is visibly represented by her semicolon tattoo, courageously displayed every time she holds a microphone. fiercely passionate about country music, her storytelling and vocals are infused with such genuine emotion and vulnerability, that she connects with a wide audience, transcending genres.     

gaining 'country cred' from growing up in the tiny village of Nakusp, BC, Arlyss soon relocated to Calgary, AB

after falling in love with western influences and musicality of the city.  you can find Arlyss frequenting songwriting circles, and original music showcases, as well as creating lasting memories for corporate events and weddings. 


inspired by the lyrical ingenuity of Kacey Musgraves, you can liken Arlyss' music to the stylings of Miranda Lambert, Patsy Cline, and Maren Morris.   a big voice that cuts right to the heart, Arlyss' devotion to connect with her audience is evident.  Arlyss first EP will be released in 2023.


thank you for being part of her journey. 

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